Villa Roseto


Villa Roseto, after many years of collaboration, has a developed deep understanding with Restaurant Salvo Cacciatori. This is a restaurant of local historical renown, synonymous with enogastronomic excellence which takes banqueting to a whole new level.

An innate ability for creating the perfect balance between food and wine, between flavours, colours and aromas.


The capacity to surprise whilst remaining loyal to local traditions and products, is the signature of Salvo Cacciatori. Using this as a starting point, it embraces all aspects of Italian cuisine, re-inventing it with international influence to create a series of sensory experiences in accordance with the occasion, the season and the specific requirements.


The banqueting service, entrusted to Salvo Cacciatori Restaurant with a history of four generations of high quality cuisine and catering in Imperia, guarantees a quality that honours the beauty of the location and a level of professionalism seen even in the attention to table and garden settings and decorations.

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