Villa Roseto


The best selection of partners in the region.

Over the years we have carefully selected reliable and efficient Partners. Availability, attention to detail and excellent services are the indispensable features needed to meet the demands of our clients.

Ristorante Salvo Cacciatori

An innate ability for creating the perfect balance between food and wine, between flavours, colours and aromas. The capacity to surprise whilst remaining loyal to local traditions and products, is the signature of Salvo Cacciatori.



Still life photography and photographic services that can, through the portrayal of objects and products, tell stories and transmit real emotions.


Hotel Rossini al Teatro

Cosy rooms, designer furnishings and high quality finishes, in the 48 rooms at Hotel Rossini al Teatro, create a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The heart of Hotel Rossini al Teatro, also has a fitness corner and a wellness centre where you can combine health and beauty.