Villa Roseto

The Villa

The magical place where dreams come true, where important occasions find their home.

Villa Roseto was built at the beginning of the 20th Century following the design of Luigi Anton Laura, an internationally renowned antique dealer and designer of elegant residences. Situated on the surrounding hills of Imperia, a few minutes from the city centre, in addition to hosting weddings, important occasions and receptions, it makes an ideal location for corporate events and conventions.


An historical, neoclassical residence, surrounded by picturesque grounds overlooking Imperia. A unique setting that provides stunning natural views and which seduces its guests with its simple elegance and its romantic lawns among the olive trees. A strategic location, Imperia breathes the cultural influences of nearby France and offers an exclusive gateway to the sea for those arriving from Piedmont. Its unrivalled style with the ability to embrace, captivate and excite all who enter, makes Villa Roseto the ultimate Mediterranean experience for any occasion.

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